In October 2015, former Miami-Dade County (Florida) educator
Nancy Winfield decided that she would attend a Donald Trump
rally that had been scheduled to take place at Miami's Trump
National Doral Hotel and Resort. So she booked a room there
for a relaxing four-night stay, to lead up to the rally date. What
Nancy discovered on her vacation was truly eye-opening!

During her time at the hotel, she often saw the resort owner,
Donald J. Trump, walking around the grounds...playing golf...and
frequently stopping for pictures and signing autographs as he
socialized with hotel workers and guests.

Nancy Winfield was one of those guests. Like so many others
who had stayed at a Trump resort before her, Nancy became
aware of, and was duly impressed by the congeniality of the
billionaire owner who didn't
have to be so cordial with those who
visited and worked at his hotels.

So by her fourth day at the Trump National Doral - the date of
the Trump campaign speech - Nancy had become convinced
that Donald Trump was the "real deal," a warm and loving man
who was sincere about caring
about people he didn't even know.
It was then that Nancy Winfield became determined to support
Trump in his 2016 presidential bid.

Nancy had become such a fan, in fact, that she has remained
fervent about Trump to this much so, that she's the
majority underwriter for this website, frequently contributing to
the design of many of the original bumper stickers seen here...
and committing to donate ten percent of the site's profits to
President Trump's re-election campaign.

So when you buy any bumper sticker on this site, you're also
contributing to the support of the political career of the man
many people believe to be America's greatest president. And
Nancy Winfield - on behalf of President Donald J. Trump -
thanks you for your support!
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